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Negotiating Your Telecommunications Contract

tele-lrgYou pay for your television, internet and phone services, but what do you do when you want to change the package? Usually, the telecommunication companies have strict policies about resigning a contract or changing their terms. That leaves you with only one option – to try to renegotiate it and see what you can come up with from their part.

The Market

Before you do this, you should know what other options you might have. There are also other providers for telecommunication services, and you might find out that their offer is even better. You could search online or ask the people you know about what provider are they using for telecommunication services and at what prices. This should give you an idea about what is outside your area and what others ask for the same services.

The Contract

It’s also good if you can take a look at your contract and read it again. You might have skipped reading important information about the conditions in which the services are offered, and it might give you an idea about what you could do to change the plan or the provider. 

You should also read the fine printing at the end of the pages, because there is usually written important information or clauses that you might have skipped over.


If you want to change the plan, there should be some way about it, even if the provider doesn’t agree. For example, if the services are not delivered on time as promised by the contract, and if they don’t fix the problem when they should, then you can ask for a decrease in the monthly rate or the opportunity to have the plan changed. These departments can’t be contacted directly, since they operate with unrevealed contact info, so you’ll have to be redirected by an official customer rep. It doesn’t always work, but it’s a good chance that you might catch their attention, especially if they have problems with delivering what is promised.

Increasing the Plan

If you want to increase the plan – for example, if you want more TV channels or a faster internet connection, there will not be any problem. The companies are usually trying to keep their clients in the current plans that they have without minimizing them, so if you want to pay them more, they will agree instantly.

Unfortunately, it’s not the same when you try to reduce the plan from something big to something smaller, so that you can save some money.

Tour-Wireless-400x600Porting from One Network to Another

There’s also the possibility to port the services from one network to another. It’s not something that is practiced by everyone, but if your contract is finished or almost finished with one provider, you can become the client of another telecommunication provider by simply porting the services. This is usually for those that offer mobile phone services, as they now have also internet and television services, and the identification is made by your mobile phone number. Changing the networks will be easy and you will get to sign a new contract.

However, pay attention to all the clauses that are written there and make sure that you benefit from all the promised services.

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Mobile IT Solutions that Could Work for Your Business

telecom-solution-250x250If you’re considering to turn to a mobility program for maximizing the productivity, then your employees are going to need the right type of mobile devices. They should match their preferences but also the business and the IT requirements for getting the job done. While some employees will only need a tablet or a smartphone with the usual applications – contacts, browser, calendar and email, other people might require a real desktop – personal computer for getting everything done for their job.

Here are some best practices that could help you in choosing the right mobile IT solutions for you and your employees, so that your productivity could definitely improve.

Selecting the Devices

First of all, you’ll need to select those devices that meet all the criteria – the preferences of your employees, the needs of your business and other bonuses that there can be. Boosting the mobile productivity and avoiding problems could be easily done if you know how to choose the BYO devices. This also implies that you need to choose the best management solution, as the IT complexity can quickly increase by supporting a wider variety of ownership models, devices, operating systems and so on.

The easiest way to manage them all is to choose something that is similar for everyone, so that, even if they have different preferences, they could get the job done when it’s needed.

Management and Security Solutions

Apart from deciding what to use and what are the minimal requirements for these devices, along with the IT support expectations, you should also consider effective security and management solutions. You need to choose those solutions that have specific attributes and capabilities that are best suited for the environment that you have at your working facility. This will successfully enable the mobile productivity, it will protect the sensitive data and information, along with the network that you have, by controlling the complexity.

Business Ready Devices

There are some manufacturers on the market that allow you to choose already customized mobile devices for your business. There are tablets, laptops and cloud solutions that you could request from a certain producer, and you could implement these easily into your network, as they are easy to set and easy to manage by everyone.

telecom-services-2No Transfer

To make sure that the network is protected, you could ask your employees to transfer the data only through authorized channels. This means that there can’t be used outside sources for storing information and they can’t transfer anything from their devices to other devices outside the network. There should be a protocol set in situations like this, and it should be kept in place by the IT support that helps you manage all the activity through the network.

In the end, you should choose something that goes with the needs of your business. If you can manage only with a few laptops and a good telecommunication service for internet, then you could also consider adding smartphones to the existing network.

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IT Solutions for Online Businesses

pict---computer-and-communications---illustration-template.png--diagram-flowchart-exampleWhen you consider to start a business, the online offers you plenty of possibilities, and if you’ve already decided on this, then you need to know several things. First of all, you’re going to need good IT solutions to make it happen, because your business will depend on it. Apart from this, the telecommunication system that you use should offer you the possibility to run your business as smoothly as possible.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to regarding the IT solutions that your business requires.

Your Computer

Depending on what you plan on doing online, you’re going to need a good computer. If you don’t have one, you can ask an IT consultant to help you choose something that is appropriate for the needs that you have. Running an online business means that you’ll have to have a website, and for that to work perfectly, you’re going to need to be able to handle it.

The computer doesn’t have to have a very high performance, but it should be good enough to support multiple pages opened at the same time, multiple applications to run and of course it should have a licensed operating system.

The Internet

As you certainly know, the internet is a big request when it comes to running an online business. That’s why it is essential for you to have a good internet connection which, along with your computer, should do wonders for your activity. This means that all the websites should upload fast and there should be no lag time in doing so.

For this to happen, you need to consult with your telecommunication company and see what kind of plan you have with them. If you don’t have a good enough upload and download speed, then you might want to consider changing the plan. It might cost you some more money, but it’s better than losing the business. On the long run, it is a good investment as it will help you in more ways than you think.

The Security

London-Business-VoIP-ProviderWhen you consider this, you also need to consider to have a high security for your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s run online. If you have an online store, chances are that the hackers could attack you, no matter how small you think you are. That’s what makes it essential to have a licensed operating system and a licensed antivirus software.

The operating system needs to be allowed to make the necessary updates automatically, and the antivirus software needs to run at least two times per week to detect any threats, viruses or malware. The same should be done for your website – you need to make sure that it uploads fast and that there is no malware within it. If there is a problem with the website – meaning if there is a virus caught on it, all the computers that access it could become infected and you will lose the credibility in the eyes of your customers.

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